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Terry Foster
Terry Foster, Founder/CEO
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Facebook Ads Expert
Terry Foster Consulting
Hi I'm Terry Foster,
Tell me if this sounds familiar...

1. Tired of seeing other business owners crush it with   
    Facebook ads but struggle to see results for your own?
2. Lost about how to even begin advertising on Facebook?
3. Overwhelmed by the multitude of options to select and 
    unsure which applies best to your business?
4. Confused about what move to take next once your ad 
    actually starts working?
5. Frustrated and lack the time to search through dated 
    guides and trainings by so-called gurus?

If you answered YES to any of these, I have the solution for you!

I created the Business Accelerator Group (BAG) coaching program with you exactly in mind. After managing MILLIONS of dollars ($15M+ and growing) in ad spend for my clients and my agency over the past 5 years, I've developed a PROVEN and SIMPLE strategy for creating successful Facebook ads that deliver winning results.
What is the Business Accelerator Group?
The Business Accelerator Group is a unique, group coaching program designed to help you scale your business through leveraging the power of Facebook advertising.

This program integrates my expertise along with the support of other business experts in a variety of industries. Together, we will directly steer you through the steps needed to help you generate the results you seek.

Terry Foster Speaking
"You make the process of FB ads look easy, but many, like myself, are frustrated by it all. I appreciate your time and caring of knowledge."
Loretta Neal
Imagine This Boutique
What You'll Receive

Our weekly calls are specially formatted to help you win! 
Each call will last approximately 60-90 minutes so that we can provide a thorough training to maximize your results. Our calls will also allow for Q&A and as a member you can help to drive topics for future calls. I use a private Zoom room so that our calls are recorded and you will be provided access into our private Resource Center so all calls will be easily accessible for you whether you can attend live or not. 

Examples of topics covered in our calls are:

Facebook Ad Training

Our Facebook ad training sessions will get right to the point and break down it down into simple concepts everyone can understand. You will learn how to apply the exact strategies used by our agency to create six and seven figure sales.
Audit Sessions

It's one thing to learn the concepts but application is where the money is at. Our audit sessions remove the guesswork for you. We will take an inside glimpse into your results so you can rest assure you are on the right track. 
Special Guest Experts

Facebook ads are a great way to scale your business, but we know that is only part of the equation. Every month, we will host experts from a variety of industries to help sharpen ALL aspects of your business.
A secret community among members!  The private Business Accelerator Group Facebook Group will be our home base for collaboration and member engagement. 
Terry Foster
Securing the BAG Together...

1. Collaboration
2. Community
3. Coaching
4. Accountability
5. Encouragement
6. Motivation

The truth is, small businesses do succeed using Facebook Ads.
You just need the right kind of support.
"Timely, insightful and informative. Best masterclass we have taken thus far. You exceeded our expectations and we have clear and concise improvements to make."

- Cara Graves, Epic Everyday, Inc.
Facebook Ads Fast Track
Our signature online course for Facebook advertising!
Regardless of your experience with Facebook ads, Facebook Ads Playbook can help you avoid costly mistakes commonly made so you can skip what doesn't work...and more importantly, focus on what actually does!
Facebook Ads Playbook Includes…
The Basics of Facebook Advertising
Key Components of a Facebook Ad
How to Select the Right Campaign Type 
How to Target Like A Pro
How to Effectively Manage Your Budget
How to Create Winning Creatives
And more!


The digital world is constantly changing. 

Access the monthly free trainings provided to our digital community and keep your advertising on the forefront of trends. 

Not only will you have the opportunity to reserve your seat before it's opened to the public, but also you will have access to the library of replays.
In the Business Accelerator coaching program, I'll show you step-by-step how I use Facebook advertising to generate MILLIONS of dollars for my clients.

1. I've helped dozens of businesses DOUBLE & TRIPLE their revenues within a year.
2. My digital agency Terry Foster Consulting has been helping businesses scale using Facebook ads for over 5 years.
3. I've been invited to speak across a multitude of platforms to share my expertise and winning strategies.
4. I have a HUGE passion to help business owners like you make the dream of profitable Facebook ads a reality.
5. Plus, my RESULTS below don't lie!

Real People. Real Results

Learns the same techniques, tips, and tactics that clients pay us $5K+ a month for...

And Our BAG Bosses Be WINNING!

Asili Creations
"Very, very informative. Something for every business budget as well as some immediate things I could add/change on my e-commerce platform."
Step 1
The ultimate e-guide of Facebook ad strategies that most experts won't reveal!

You'll receive:
- 6 key strategies to set you up for successful ads
- Facebook ad implementation best practices
- Tips to increase your follower base
Poor performing ads are frustrating...

...not knowing why is even worse.

This e-guide highlights the top five reasons most ads fail. 

Stop guessing and start strategizing for better results with this guide.
If You’ve Read This Far…
Then you already know…

Your business would benefit greatly from leveraging me and my team's expertise.

Because, there are billions of people on the platform each and everyday.

In fact, more Americans tune into Facebook nightly from 8PM - 11PM than into primetime television on all of the major cable networks… combined.  

Your audience is there. Listening. Scrolling...

And you already know that all you need is the right strategy, the right targeting, the right ad to get their attention and turn them into buyers.

But most importantly…

You already know that with just one burst of leads or just one epic launch, your business (and life) could change dramatically for the better.

Stop putting it off. Now is the time to grow your business using Facebook Ads.

Let Business Accelerator Group coaching program fast-track you to marketing success.
Join Business Accelerator Group Today!
"Action is the foundational key to all success." - Pablo Picasso
Are you ready to take action?
I sure hope so! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results :) 

I’m looking forward to seeing how your business and life change once you choose to secure your BAG and join my group coaching program.
Terry Foster
Founder & CEO
Terry Foster Consulting

What is included?
You are getting information, access, and support from a team that has generated over $60 million dollars of revenue with paid traffic. You will get access to one call a week that is aimed to help you grow your business. You will receive access to our signature online training program "Facebook Ads Playbook". You will receive access to a secret Facebook group that will include likeminded business owners that will provide you support, guidance, and encouragement. You will also get access to all future Masterclasses (and recordings) that we provide. Lastly, we are building out an amazing list of certified vendors that you can trust to help grow your business.
Who is this for?
This program is designed for any business owner that is serious about success - but they aren't yet in a position to pay an agency such as ours several thousands dollars a month to do it for them. Maybe you are running ads on your own - but you aren't happy with the performance. Maybe you know you want to get started with ads - but you don't know how to get started. No matter what your current situation is - this program will help bring you closer to your goal of scaling your business - all for less than $200 month!
Is this program specific to growing my business with Facebook Ads?
Nope! We took a step back and realized that we aren't experts at Facebook Ads - we are experts at growing businesses digitally! That means that we can help you with: branding, conversion rate optimization, automations, tools, other paid traffic channels such as Google, Pinterest, Snapchat,etc. We also understand what it takes from a mindset perspective to scale a business. This program will equip you with so much more than just effective Facebook Ads!
How do I cancel?
If you ever feel like you aren't getting your money's worth - we make it a breeze to cancel. We allow for members to cancel their own subscription within the membership platform. No having to send an email, no having to get someone on the phone...we make it hassle free as possible!
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes! If within the first 7 days you check out everything that we have to offer and come to the conclusion that the program won't help you grow for any reason - just let us know and we will refund you every single penny of your money.
Do you make any promises?
Yes! We promise that you show up to the calls, you consume the information that we provide, and mostly importantly you take ACTION...there is no way that your business won't be better off for it. 
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